Filter 'Strereo to Mono' after using 'Pitch'?

I tried the ‘Pitch’-Filter in 20.02.17 and set it to 2x after i speed up the video to 2x.
The audio is stereo with a mono-recorded microphone but when i pitched it and listen there is a slight phaser-effect that becomes stereo.

All I miss is a Filter ‘Stereo to Mono’ that prevents this phaser-effect.

Best regards!

Hey, I haven’t noticed a phaser effect but it looks like the COPY CHANNEL filter might solve it for you


I’m trying to reproduce this issue in a way that I can measure the temporal distortion between the channels. I tried the reproduce the problem with the tone producer. But there does not seem to be any difference between the two channels using this method.

Are you able to provide steps to reproduce the problem using the tone producer?

Yes, I was able to reproduce it and visually there is no phase shift - maybe an acoustic illusion? :smiley: