Filter stacks?

couldn’t find anything on this so asking here. can i save a grouping or ‘stack’ or ‘chain’ of filters as some kind of preset?

i’d like to use shotcut to prep a bunch of files, not necessarily at the same time. that prepping would involve loading the file, applying a group of filters to it, then exporting it. ideally, such a stack would also remember the selected preset for each filter as well. is this doable currently in shotcut?

since the files might not all be available at the same time, it would save a lot of trouble in loading each filter and applying its preset every time i get a new file, especially if there are a lot of filters in the stack.


Hi @babag

You can copy the filters, then, instead of pasting them on another clip, paste them in a text file that you save on your computer.


When you need this stack of filters again, open the file, copy the content and paste it on your clip


Not 100% sure if this method also saves the the filters presets as well… you’ll need to test it.
But I’m confident it will… Maybe ? :wink:

thanks, musicalbox. that’s a neat little trick! your workaround does exactly what i was looking for. i confess i’m a little shocked that, having this ability to copy/paste xml data, the saving of filter-stacks isn’t built into shotcut natively already.

thanks again,

yes, it does save the filter settings in addition to the filters and their order.

I’m glad I could help @babag.

This feature was added relatively recently. It was suggested a long time ago and I’m grateful that it’s now part of Shotcut. I don’t mind saving/loading the files manually to be honest, but yes, there is always room for improvement.

How I picture it:

  • Add a Save Multi-filter Preset button.
  • Add a Load Multi-filter Preset button.

I’m not sure Multi-filter Preset is an adequate name, but I can’t think of anything better.

  • I also figure that it might be convenient if these preset could be saved inside a dedicated folder in the App Data Directory. This would avoid having to choose a folder each time we save/load a preset.

i wouldn’t call it a ‘preset’. i’d just call it a filter ‘chain’ or ‘stack’ or ‘group’ and leave it at that.
i also wouldn’t say ‘multi’. keep it simple. ‘filter chain’ is plenty to define itself.
i like the idea of dedicated buttons to save/load a stack.
i also like the idea of a dedicated sub-directory for such things.

in a related note, not sure if it’s this way for every platform and version but, when i have a preset loaded into a filter, the preset name does not display in the drop-down menu. i would have expected it to display as a visual ‘heads-up’ to what the settings for the filter mean. if filter stack/chain/group was ever added, i’d expect it to also display its name someplace too.

thanks for the tips. much appreciated.

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