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In version 11.04.23 the filter “Speed: forward only” does not appear in the list of filters translated into French, to make this filter appear you must type its name in English and if you type in French the "Vitesse for Speed » appears only the forward and reverse speed filter.

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Bonjour @Epsilon85,
le filtre Speed: Forward Only se trouve dans l’onglet ‘Temporel’, pas dans ‘Video’.

Hi @Epsilon85,
the Speed: Forward Only filter is in the ‘Time’ tab, not in ‘Video’.

I think what OP is saying is if you search for the speed filters in French, one of them doesn’t show up while all the others do.

Hi @patc3. The Speed: Forward Only filter is not actually translated in the French version of Shotcut (nor Declick), as my screenshot shows. However, it does exist. This is not a bug, but a translation problem, independent of the software.

Bonjour @patc3. Le filtre Speed: Forward Only n’est effectivement pas traduit dans la version française de Shotcut (Declick non plus), comme le montre mon screenshot. Cependant il existe bien. Ce n’est pas un bug mais un problème de traduction, indépendant du logiciel.

Bonjour SergeC, Merci de ces précisions, Bonne journée. Cordialement

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