Filter Size, Position and Rotation

i can’t see the custom settings for Filter Size, Position and Rotation, color correction and other filter, but i can see the custom setting the filter, pls somebody can help me ?

It isn’t quite clear what you are asking. Try posting a screenshot of your Shotcut window so we can see. Also:

  • What version of Shotcut are you using?
  • Have you just started using Shotcut or have you been using it for a while and the problem has suddenly started to happen?
  • Have you just installed a new version of Shotcut and it worked in the old version?

Any extra information you can supply might be useful to try to solve your problem.

1.- The last version 21.03.21
2.- I have been using it for 3 months, and I had not had that problem, until 4 days ago
3.- version 21.03.21 was working fine I could see the custom settings but three 3 days ago I couldn’t see it anymore

I miss them is that the filter for hue, lightness and saturation, if I can see the adjustment, but those of other filters do not

Am I right in that in saying that for the Size, Position and Rotate filter (and some others) you do not see the controls below it (i.e. those in the yellow area in the image), but for other filters you do?

If it was working fine 3 days ago, but then this suddenly started to happen my suggestions would be:

  1. save your work and restart your computer;
  2. if this doesn’t sort it, re-install Shotcut;
  3. if this doesn’t sort it re-install Shotcut with the option to overwrite existing settings - beware though, I’m not sure, but this may remove any “presets” and custom settings you have made.

Try those and let us know if it sorts the problem.

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