Filter Simple Text Scroll with Mask can't be exported

It’s been a while since last post on issue.
Well I simply wanted to scroll “Text:Rich” on top of my screen … 2 lines visible.
I am now using Shotcut version 23.09.29
I believe I could do this by using 4 filters to achieve this in the past
Text:Rich (all texts … in my case about 12 lines)
Blend Mode (overlay on a clip video)
SPR to move text up (keyframe it)
Mask: Simple Shape (to make only 2 lines visible position at the top)

It works when I run it on shortcut as expected.
But when I export to a .mp4 file … the scroll text disappear as shown here

My setup screen shot here …

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Hi. Follow this procedure and it should work well. (Text: Simple filter is limited to 256 characters.)


Thanks @SergeC,
Saw your video … I have relook at my filters. It actually works if I just change my “Rich Text” as I found out it was set as black !!! and somehow it works on shotcut showing as white text, but not when it is exported. I simply change this text color to white, yellow etc and now it works fine.

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Great. I explained too quickly and badly the checking of text color and alpha channel. In fact, when you paste text in the Text: Rich panel, it appears white in Shotcut, but the default color is Black. You need to select all and change color.

You can see this topic :

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