Filter sets | Transition: Distort Position

I noticed on a Youtube channel a quick dynamic transition ‘Distort’, when the presenter changes position.
I tried to reproduce something similar with Shotcut.
The filter is applied to the narrator track.
Project 1920x1080 – 30fps. Transition 0.5 seconds (15 frames). Cut 50%

4 filters in this animation (0.5 seconds):
. Scan Lines
. Glow (keyframes)
. Distort
. Size, Position & Rotate (keyframes)

-How to install this effect :
Open Shotcut > Settings > App Data Directory > Show > filter-sets folder
Unzip the archive and drag the transition file into this folder. Then, close and restart Shotcut.

(For 2022.xx versions, save the file in a folder.
To use it, Open with a notepad, Select all, Copy. Paste in Transition Filters tab.)
SC1080_30fps_TRANS_Distort_0, (792 Bytes)



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Love it. Cooler than your weather… :wink: :rofl: Thanks @SergeC !

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“narrator track.”

you mean there’s an alpha video track with just the news anchor on a green screen? and it will only work on that?

The transition is essentially designed to create a break in position, as seen in youtube videos, with a subject in front of a green background.
With a background, the effect works poorly.