Filter Sets | Revealing text effect with softness

Hi folks,
The idea of this text effect is so obviously simple, I don’t know why I never thought of it before…
I made a (pretty simple) filter-set which creates instant revealing text, as shown in the demo (no audio).

How to install a filter set (the following instructions courtesy of @musicalbox):
Download the ZIP file and un-zip it.
In Shotcut, go to Settings > App Data Directory > Show
If you don’t see a filter-sets folder, create one (use that exact name).
Open the filter-sets folder.
Move the un-zipped filter set file(s) of your choice in that folder.
Close and re-launch Shotcut.
Your new filter set(s) should be visible in Filters > Sets

How to use:
For it to work, you need 2 tracks: On V1 put any video, image, or colour clip.
On V2, add a 10-second TRANSPARENT clip (Open other > Colour).
Select it.
Go to Filters > Sets
Select the “JR-revealing-text-10-seconds-1920x1080” filter set.

That’s it. On playback, you will see the text reveal from left to right, then disappear after a few seconds.

How it works:
The filter-set is a collection of filters -
1x Text:Simple filter, and 2x Mask:Simple shape filters.
The mask filters are keyframed to fly horizontally across the screen to provide the IN- and OUT- effects.

It’s adjustable:
Change the text content from within the Text:Simple filter;
Change the font / font size / font colour / background colour as required within the Text:Simple filter;
Change the speed of each Mask:Simple shape filter by adjusting the keyframes;
Change the softness of each Mask:Simple shape filter if required. Default is set at 40% softness.

I only had time to make this into a 1920x1080 size. Sorry. Maybe someone clever on here can convert it to other video modes (hint, hint… :wink:…)
Download: (785 Bytes)


FYI, you can also use a single Mask: From File filter:

  • File: Bar Horizontal (the default)
  • Softness: 20%
  • Keyframes for Threshold: 0 → 100% → 0%
    (Usage of simple keyframes makes them relative in case you trim the clip or want to save it as a preset.)

However, the outro animation between the two approaches is a little different. But consider all of the variations possible through the File parameter especially with custom. This technique applies to anything: text, picture, animation, video. It is basically an alternative way to do transitions by using multiple tracks, useful for B-roll or overlays.


Thanks, @shotcut. Really nice idea to keyframe the threshold. A new idea for me. When you keyframe from 100% - 0% though, the text reveals backwards.

I guess to get the outro you would have to split the clip, and apply the same Mask:From File filter, keyframe the threshold from 100% to 0% and select “Reverse”.
That works for me.

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Hippity Hoppity! Your filter set is now my property!

I like your filter set :+1:t2:

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You’re welcome, @Ar_D !

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Btw, it could be used for making lower thirds too if I can get the mask a slanted on the left and right edges. Well, that was a pretty controversial topic for me back then :skull:

ThankYouJonray 480x270-10

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Hi @SergeC -

:laughing: :laughing:


On a compris comment faire l’animation du texte en bas, mais comment avez-vous fait celle du texte “No Problem!” ?

We understood how to animate the text at the bottom, but how did you do the animation of the text “No Problem!” ?

I suspect a script of some sort… :wink:

Hi both, no script (although if I had the time I’m sure I could devise an HTML script that would create this animation. Might try it one day…)

No, instead I used the trademark JonRay “lengthy, long-winded” method…:upside_down_face:
I animated the first letter, N, using keyframes:
Text animation
Exported it as a .MOV file (with transparent background).

Repeated this with the other letters of "N o P r o b l e m ! ". (9 letters). (10 actually, but “o” is repeated).

Imported all 9 MOV files into SC. Used 10 tracks. Then I had to add a SPR filter to each track to shove each letter along to the right to create the words, aligning by eye.

Tedious - but it was an experiment, and I was pleased that it worked. Took about 30 minutes from start to finish. Timeline:

Then - export as a MP4 (black background).
Imported into SC and applied a chromakey filter.

Text animation No Problem


Merci Jon Ray pour ce tuto.