Filter set | Transition Zoom-Bounce

This is an Adobe Premiere transition plugin, adapted for Shotcut, with the precious help of @MusicalBox

Project: 1920x1080 – 30fps
Duration: 1 second (30 frames)
Properties: Cut 30%

5 filters :
. Size, Position & Rotate
. Blur: Box
. Mask: Simple Shape
. 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic
. Mask: Apply

-How to install this effect :
Open Shotcut > Settings > App Data Directory > Show > filter-sets folder
Unzip the archive and drag the transition file into this folder. Then, close and restart Shotcut.
(For users of versions 2022.xx, open the file with a notepad; Select all, copy. In Shotcut, paste into the filters tab of the selected transition).
SC1080-30fps TRANS_ZoomBounce_ (960 Bytes)


I love it @SergeC !

I’ve seen this kind of transition many times and I always wanted to try it in Shotcut.
You cracked the case for me :slight_smile: Thank!

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Cool! Please keep these coming! Thank you! :clap: :clap: :smiley:

Thank you @jonray for your ‘warm!’ encouragement. :smile:

Merci pour vos encouragements ‘chaleureux !’.

Thanks a lot @MusicalBox. Sorry to have deprived you of the pleasure of creating this animation. :smiling_face_with_tear:
I regret that the ‘Set Filter Start’ keyframes button can’t be copied with the filter keyframes (Maybe a suggestion?)
Because of this, ‘Set Filter Start’ is not taken into account and the keyframes are shifted at the start of the transition, completely destroying the animation.
If the button is disabled, the 360: Equirectangular… filter therefore automatically affects the 1st part and distorts it slightly.

Merci beaucoup @MusicalBox. Désolé de vous avoir privé du plaisir de créer cette animation. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Je regrette que le bouton keyframes ‘Set Filter Start’ ne puisse pas être copié avec les keyframes des filtres. ( Peut être une suggestion ?)
A cause de cela, ‘Set Filter Start’ n’est pas pris en compte et les keyframes sont décalées au début de la transition, détruisant totalement l’animation.
Quand le bouton est désactivé, le filtre 360: Equirectangular…. affecte donc automatiquement la 1ère partie et la déforme légèrement.

I did notice something wrong with the filter set I downloaded. Now I know why :slight_smile:
Since we can’t include the Filter Start in the set, I think the solution will be to rearrange the keyframes. I’ve been playing with the filters for half an hour now. No great success yet… but there is hope :wink:

J’ai remarqué que quelque chose n’allait pas avec le jeu de filtres que j’ai téléchargé. Maintenant je sais pourquoi. :slight_smile:
Puisque nous ne pouvons pas inclure le Filter Start dans le set, je pense que la solution sera de réarranger les keyframes. J’ai joué avec les filtres pendant une demi-heure. Pas de grand succès pour l’instant… mais il y a de l’espoir :wink:

The 1st part of the transition doesn’t need the 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic filter. I haven’t found the solution for applying the filter only to the 2nd part.

Le début de la transition n’a pas besoin du filtre 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic. Je n’ai pas trouvé la solution pour appliquer le filtre uniquement sur la 2ème partie.

Took me a long time, but I see now what you mean by the keyframes are shifted
I was making progress with the keyframes, but when I tried to copy the filters and paste them on another transition, I saw the shifted keyframes… So not ideal for a Filter Set

The problem with the 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic filter is this particular case is that it has no OFF position. No matter the setting you choose, it will affect the clip.

Exactly. As long as ‘Filter Start’ isn’t copied with keyframes (if that’s ever possible!), we won’t be able to use 360: filters correctly in filter-sets.
The .mlt file saves the Filter Start position. Perhaps copying the filters could do the same? (I dream)
Meanwhile, we have to deal with levels of distortion.

Exactement. Tant que le ‘Filter Start’ ne sera pas copié avec les keyframes (si c’est possible un jour !), on ne pourra pas utiliser correctement les filtres 360: dans des filter-sets. La sauvegarde .mlt enregistre la position des Filter Start. Peut être la copie des filtres pourrait le faire aussi ? (je rêve)
En attendant, on doit composer avec une distortion plus ou moins grande.

What do you think of this? (Then I’ll tell you what I did) It’s not exactly the same as yours (yet), but that one can be saved as a Filter Set