Filter Set | Sweep Arrows Transition

Recently seen on Youtube, a transition I’ve adapted for Shotcut in 2 versions:
1920x1080–30fps and 60fps
Transition lenght: 10 frames (30fps) or 20 frames (60fps)
Properties: Bar Horizontal 50%

  • Select the Color Grading filter to change arrows color:
    Highlights (right): Select color from palette and adjust intensity with vertical slider.
    Midtones (middle): slider on top
    Shadows (left): slider +/- for opacity -/+.

10 filters :
. 8 Mask: Simple Shape
. Color Grading
. Mask: Apply

  • Note: The set includes 8 Mask: Simple Shape filters, with keyframes. Therefore, playback may be slower, especially at 60fps. In this case, activate Preview scaling 540 or 360, and Proxy if necessary.
    SC1080_30& (10.6 KB)

-How to install this effect :
Open Shotcut > Settings > App Data Directory > Show > filter-sets folder
Unzip the archive and drag the selected transition files into this folder. Then, close and restart Shotcut.
(For users of versions 2022.xx, open the file with a notepad; Select all, copy. In Shotcut, paste into the filters tab of the selected transition.)


That looks cool @SergeC !
8 mask filters? Impressive :slight_smile: :+1:
I’ll try it tonight.

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Cool! Thanks @SergeC - another creative masterpiece!

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I really love this, thanks for sharing

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Bonjour SergeC,
Merci de ce tuto très impressionnant, bravo pour la recherche et l’imagination.

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@Epsilon85. Merci Pierre, je rougis :blush:

@deed, glad you like this :smiley:

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