Filter Set | Simple Transitions Pack


  • A set of smooth trend transitions. The transitions are designed for P1080 - 60 FPS mode.

How to properly prepare clips:

Create a slideshow with these options:

  • Clip Duration: Any.
  • Zoom Effect: Any.
  • Transition Duration - 0.5s.
  • Transition Type - Cut.

Can also be used as a simple transition between two clips, it must be exactly 30 frames (0.5 sec) long.

How to install this effect:

  • Shotcut - Settings - App Data Directory - Show - filter-sets (unzip the contents of the archive into this folder).

Download: (5.4 KB)


Wow! … double Wow!

I will download the pack latter today and try the Sets.
But for now, from what I see in your demo video, they look amazing!
:open_mouth: :+1:

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Wow, what a great package! Many thanks :+1::+1::+1:. I’m downloading it right now. (For my own use, I’ll do the 30fps versions).

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-or- {SHOTCUT-PATH}/ in Linux.
Mine for example is /usr/local/bin/Shotcut/

@dimadjdocent Thanks! That’s a keeper.

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This is not the correct location for user installed filter sets.
Settings > App Data Directory > Show
(might not work in all Linux packages and desktops due to Linux fragmentation).

When I click on Settings > App Data Directory > Show nothing happens. This is a fresh extract of the new version 23.07.29 (tar).
The only “filter-sets” folder I found is the one I mentioned in my previous post.
If that is not correct, should I create it under /home/BossyBear/Shotcut or something local so that new versions don’t delete it?

Even after “setting” the data folder and restarting SC, it doesn’t “show” it from the “show” menu.

I’m using LinuxMint 21, the flatpak version of shotcut. My storage location for filter sets is exactly where I indicated in the description. Since there are so many operating systems and distributions, I have indicated the easiest way to find the desired directory.

If for some reason this does not work, you can do this: Open shotcut, create your own set of filters with a convenient name. The file with a set of filters will have the same name as you called it when you created it in shotcut. Perform a search on the computer for the file name with the name of the filter. The directory that is found through such a search will most likely be correct.

These are terrific, @dimadjdocent ! Thank you so much for making them available…

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Great pack. I can’t wait to play with them

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I finally tried your transition pack @dimadjdocent
Great job! :+1:
But maybe you should mention in your description that it’s possible to use any of the Sets on a single transition (not in a slideshow).

  • Create a 0,5 second transition between 2 clips.
  • Make sure the transition clip is selected and go to the Properties panel.
  • Choose the Cut type of transition.
  • Set Position to 50%
  • Go to the Filters panel and click on the + button.
  • In the Sets category, choose any of the 9 Filter Sets from the pack.

You are right, this should be added to the description, which I already did :slight_smile: