Filter set | Shakes Transition

Transition effect: Shakes
2 filter sets for project: 30fps
Duration: 0.5 sec (15 frames) and 1 sec (30 frames)
Transition: Bar Horizontal - Softness: 60%

4 filters in this transition :

  • Size, Position & Rotate with Preset: Shake 1 second – Scaled
    = Keyframes to move images horizontally & vertically
  • Nervous = Mix of images from the two clips
  • Blur: Exponential = Keyframes 0% → 50% → 0%
  • Trails = Frame overlay according to the value defined in ‘Amount’ (8).

-How to install this effect :
Open Shotcut > Settings > App Data Directory > Show > filter-sets folder
Unzip the archive and drag the the 2 transition files into this folder. Then, close and restart Shotcut.
(For users of versions 2022.xx, open the file with a notepad; Select All, Copy.
In Shotcut, Paste into the filters tab of the selected transition).

=> .zip archive also includes 2 sound effects files (0.5 sec and 1 sec)
Sc_Transit_Shakes_15&30frames& (43.3 KB)


Oh, I like that one too.
Can be useful in many types of videos.


Great! Another classic…Thanks @SergeC ! Pus a sound effect. Cool!

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@jonray Thank you


Merci. Belle video. Ce thème à cause de ‘It’s grocery day today’? :rofl:
Thank you. Nice video. This theme because of ‘It’s grocery day today’?:rofl:


Hahaha Simple hasard :rofl:
Ou une auto-suggestion venant de mon subconscient peut-être ? Qui peut savoir? :slight_smile:

Hahaha Pure coincidence :rofl:
Or an auto-suggestion from my subconscious perhaps? Who can tell? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing

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With xml comments too!. Thanks :+1:

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@PaulusMaximus You have suggested it. I do :slightly_smiling_face:

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