Filter Set | Fast Up + Fast Down

Quite popular on social networks and a simple effect that is also available to Shotcut users.

How to properly prepare clips:

  • Transition length must be exactly 1 second (30 frames)
  • In the transition settings, be sure to set the “Cut” mode, and position - 5%.
  • This effect was created for 1920x1080x30 fps video mode. I do not guarantee that it will work well in other video modes.

How to install this effect:

  • Shotcut - Settings - App Data Directory - Show - filter-sets (unzip the contents of the archive into this folder)

Fast Up and (1.5 KB)


Oh, this is nice. Thanks!

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Very cool!! Subtle but very effective! These filter-set transition effects are real game-changers! Exciting potential here. Well done guys…

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@dimadjocent. Thanks. Very nice effect :+1:

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nice, thanks for sharing

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