Filter Set | Block text and video title templates

I’ve designed some text animation templates - for Block text (8 lines) and a video text title template (3 lines) and saved them as filter sets which can be easily used in Shotcut and adapted to use any text required by users.

I don’t have time to go into detail exactly how to use them here but I enclose the templates I used. I’m hoping that some of the regulars on here can use them to design some variations based on this idea.

If you want to know more, ask on here and someone will no doubt be able to help you out!

PS Make the transparent clips 13 seconds long to make the “out” animations work. Also, I’ve only had time to devise these for 1080p videos, at 30fps.

Grateful thanks to @shotcut and/or @brian for adding keyframeable text colours to the text:simple filter, which has opened up the possibility of fading in/out each line of text independently - a game-changer for me. Just to add, though, that I would still prefer an opacity slider to be added to the text:simple filter - I think this would be more intuitive and obvious than having to change the alpha channel to 0 to get the transparent text…


This looks amazing @jonray

Where are the templates? :wink:

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OOps… forgot!

JonRay Block text (8.4 KB)

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Thanks :+1:

I’ll have a close look at them tomorrow :slight_smile:

Are you thinking of adding a slider to the Alpha Channel input, in the Color dialog boxes?


Or add it in the filter panel?

In my opinion, the second option would be more useful since it would affect the opacity of Font, Outline and Background at the same time.

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Yes!! Option 2 is exactly what I had in mind. Also:

  1. the word “opacity” would be more user-friendly than “alpha”.
  2. with the slider on the text:simple filter itself, the keyframed opacity could be seen (as the slider moves across, say from 0 (transparent) to 255 (solid).
    This would be a fantastic improvement IMHO!! Thanks @musicalbox.
    Looking forward to your filter-set variations on my text designs :wink: :rofl:

Hi folks, I had fun playing with these filter sets and in no time at came up with this demo video instructional video. I adapted the animated block text so that the lines fly upwards on exit.
Feel free to try it out. Again, it’s designed to work at 1080P (30fps).

Jonray_Block_text_style (1.5 KB)

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Hello @Jonray,
Thanks for these great animated texts. :+1:
They remind me a bit of @Namna’s HTML titles in Shotcut V20.
Just a note: the .txt filter’s files don’t work with Select All, Copy and Paste in the filters tab (required for V22 versions).
Curiously, if I drag these files (without extension) into the filter-sets folder, it works normally. Then, if I copy this filters set and paste it into a notepad, the copy-and-paste method works this time!
Maybe the layout with tab and indent?

I’m absolutely terrible at musical culture. I don’t know the composer you’re talking about (a cousin of the one who composed The Nutcracker?)
Tchaikovski :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Bonjour @Jonray,
Merci pour ces super textes animés. :+1:
Ça me rappelle un peu les titres HTML de @Namna dans les V20. de Shotcut.
Une remarque : Les fichiers .txt des filtres ne fonctionnent pas avec Select All, Copy et Paste dans l’onglet filtres (nécessaire pour les versions V22)
Curieusement, si je glisse ces fichiers (sans extension) dans le dossier filter-sets, ça fonctionne normalement. Ensuite, si je copie ce set de filtres et que je le colle dans un bloc notes, la méthode copier- coller fonctionne cette fois !
Peut être la mise en page avec les tabulations et retraits ?
Je suis décidemment nul en culture musicale. Je ne connais pas le compositeur dont vous parlez ( un cousin de celui qui a composé The Nutcracker ?) :rofl: :rofl:

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In fact, these TXT files are what we could call Clip Presets (maybe?).
After copying the content of the TXT file, paste it in the Timeline, as a clip.

En fait, ces fichiers TXT sont ce qu’on pourrait appeler des Clip Presets.
Après avoir copié le contenu du fichier, faites coller dans la Timeline.


Oh, OK. in fact, I tested this quickly and didn’t think to try it, since it worked with filter-sets on a transparent clip. Pasting directly onto the track is even faster! Thanks @MusicalBox :+1:

Oh, OK. En fait, j’ai testé rapidement et je n’ai pas pensé à essayer ça, puisque ça fonctionnait avec filter-sets sur un clip transparent. Coller directement sur la piste est encore plus rapide ! Merci @MusicalBox

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Hi @SergeC - thank you! I’m glad you had a play with them. Incidentally I used “Code Beautify” website to format the code…
Best HTML Viewer, HTML Beautifier, HTML Formatter and to Test / Preview HTML Output
… which makes it easier to understand - and importantly… by running the text file in NotePad++ you can use the “Find and Replace” feature to quickly change the FONT, or FONT-SIZE. without having to tediously change each of the 8 text filters in Shotcut.

:rofl: :rofl:
That would be this guy’s cousin Rupert :smiley: :wink:

(oops, I notice the typo and changed it in my video but forgot to change it in the text file… )
Thanks for pointing it out!

[quote=“SergeC, post:8, sujet:41003”]
Merci pour ces superbes textes animés.

Salut @SergeC - merci ! Je suis content que tu aies joué avec eux. Par ailleurs, j’ai utilisé le site Web “Code Beautify” pour formater le code…

… ce qui facilite la compréhension - et surtout… en exécutant le fichier texte dans NotePad++, vous pouvez utiliser la fonction “Rechercher et remplacer” pour modifier rapidement la POLICE ou la TAILLE DE LA POLICE. sans avoir à modifier fastidieusement chacun des 8 filtres de texte dans Shotcut.

[quote=“SergeC, post:8, sujet:41003”]
Je ne connais pas le compositeur dont vous parlez (un cousin de celui qui a composé Casse-Noisette ?)

:rofl: :rofl:
Ce serait le cousin de ce type, Rupert :smiley: :wink:

(oups, j’ai remarqué la faute de frappe et je l’ai modifiée dans ma vidéo mais j’ai oublié de la modifier dans le fichier texte… )
Merci de l’avoir signalé !

This is clever indeed. Bravo :+1: :clap:

C’est effectivement astucieux. Bravo

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Thanks, @SergeC - glad you like the little tip! :smiley:

Merci, @SergeC - content que le petit conseil vous plaise ! :smiley:

I tested your blocks of text this morning @jonray.

They work very well and for now I don’t see how they could be be improved. Good work!
And I bet there was a lot of it (work).

One little thing though :wink:
In 2 of the blocks (style_01A and style_01B), the space between the lines is not constant.



Thanks @musicalbox!

You have eagle-eyes! Ooops, my mathematics must be a little off. When I get time I’ll look into it…


This is implemented for the next release.


Gosh, @brian, you are the best! This was me on finding out this news…

Happy man cartoon
Thank you!! :smiley:

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