Filter Preview doesn't work

Hello I’ve made a couple of short videos with shotcut 17.06.01.

I’m having problems getting filter preview to work (or apply at all) to my timeline.


I understand the playhead, splitting, removing, to make my output timeline video look right.

I also understand how to export to mp4. Nothing amazing here just where I’m at.

Now I want to apply shotcut filters- eventually frei0r filters- and just using the built-in features to test. I’m following the instructions in this video, which is a few ticks behind my version of shotcut:


When I do what he does, nothing happens. I can open the filter tab ok. I can add a filter to the filter tab. I can ‘check’ the filter and see/play with the filter’s dials and knobs. But nothing happens.

There is no preview. The video looks the same regardless of where I put my playhead, whether it’s playing or not. Even if I export my timeline to mp4, I don’t see the effect.

I’ve tried 20 different filters, many different filter settings, tried saving my mlt and various types of exports.

What am I doing wrong?

Was not able to find this answer using google but I think I figured it out.

Shotcut has two preview modes

  1. clip preview
    1a) clips are what are loaded in your playlist
    1b) clips are where filters can be applied
  2. timeline
    2a) filters cannot be applied to an entire timeline at once

When I go to playlist and double click on one video, I can apply filters w/preview, as in the video.

I expect I would then have to make a clip first, then apply filter to the entire clip.

Actually, that is wrong. If you select the top left corner of the timeline (also called the cornerstone) you can see and edit the filters for the entire timeline.

Please explain.
Top left corner shows the V1 title. Or have I got the wrong top left??

The blank cell below the toolbar, above the track headers, and to the left of the time bar.


Doesn’t seem to function as you’ve indicated, Dan. Filters I’ve use on the timeline don’t show when selecting that area.
Internal build?

The filters added here apply to the timeline as-a-whole. This does not show any filters added to clips or tracks on the timeline. These are a separate set of filters applied to the entire output of the timeline. To see any filters, you need add some while this is selected. Notice that when this is selected the top the Filters panel says “Timeline” to tell you what is being reflected/affected. Did you know that, likewise, you can add filters to tracks when a track head is selected? I think you do. Same concept except applied to the whole timeline. Adding an audio Gain filter to the Timeline is like the master out gain control on a mixing console.

Right, this is where the confusion crept in. Thanks

Yes, you are correct in thinking so, Dan.
Was my confusion when reading the previous posts which led me astray.

I second steve’s screenshot here… I can’t quite identify the ‘touchstone’ dan mentions. The only thing I see that stands out is when i go to upper left of the left-most side of timeline… a little circle appears, but if I left/right click it I don’t see anything about filters. Will try to re-read, but for now my fix above works and lets me use not only built-ins but I could use external filters via the above too which is sweet.

Dan this is an amazing stable and finely conceived/designed/executed brick of software… I thought it was cool when i started importing 3rd party filters in 30min, but then when you told me I was wrong on my usage… sweet! You’re way ahead of me.

I have latest version of shotcut now though I don’t follow your reference points in steve’s screenshot. That’s cool no need to respond since I have a workaround but fyi fwiw.

Keep up the good work. That’s probably an understatement but I’m at t-zero! :wink:


ps thanks steve

Found the blue bar! Thank you developers, that’s an amazing feature, to be able to apply filters to the entire timeline. Amazing program guys, keep up the good work.