Filter (preset) ideas

I want to suggest new presets for the size filter.
We have now the shake preset, I think a quicker (higher frequency) shake would be a great option. Also a floating filter, which slowly hovers over the layer, like a ship slowly floating on the sea could be a nice add-on.

You can create your own shake preset.

Hyper shake.

01 Hyper Shake.txt (873 Bytes)

Do you have an example for this filter?

Simply apply the existing shake preset and then remove keyframes as needed.
Of course, presets will be added over time, but it is better if people make them and contribute (preferably via github):

It would be a fake handheld camera movement filter

2 presets for fake handheld camera motion.
This one’s with S&P for motion. Zoomed 10%.
01 Handheld Motion.txt (693 Bytes)

This one’s with R&S for rotation.
01 Handheld Rotate.txt (247 Bytes)

Feel free to modify them if needed.

It work best with the R&S filter placed above the S&P filter.