Filter preset dropdown changes erroneously


Shotcut Version 20.11.28, 64 Bit

Open the effect ‘size-position & rotate’, get once into the dropdown, chose anything (even the empty first line). Keep the mouse arrow in the ‘filter’ pan anywhere below this dropdown, then run and stop the preview by space key. THe dropdown then opens and changes its setting to the position of the mouse arrow. (copied logfile LogFile Bugreport Filter-dropdown.txt (34.6 KB)

Windows 10
Version 20.11.28
Does that not just with SP&R but with all filters I tried. And you don’t need to clic on a presets or stay in the filters tab. As soon as you open the dropdown preset list, press the Spacebar
You need to clic on any function or tool button to defocus from the dropdown menu.

This is normal behavior whenever a particular field or control has focus, it gets the priority for input handling. Otherwise, you wound not be able to enter text in some widgets because some letter keys are also shortcuts. It is normal behavior that focused buttons can be triggered by the space bar. This will not be changed. Sometimes you need to clear focus from a field or control. To do that click the video preview area or press Shift+Esc

It can’t be o.k. as it behaves now, because the space bar will always start the play, even if it additionally does something in the dropdown. Double function with one key-push is not o.k.

Second reason why it can’t be not o.k.: The mouse position affects the selection of the dropdown before the choice can be seen, because the dropdown is not open before, AND will un-controllably select anything (according to the prior mouse position below the closed dropdown). Instead of doing one action, the space bar does a triple action: Start play, open the dropdown, and already select the line which accidentally comes to where the mouse was before.

It took me a time till I noticed that the mess I experienced was caused by peset actions which I was not aware of and which undo my prior adjustments. I read some other reports which can be explained just by this. By he way, the undo-function does not undo this, which increases the problem. In case of “Position-zoom & rotate” filter there are many settings and I have to remove the filter, getting rid of all keyframes and start all again.

About the focus, here a general suggestion: It must have been an earlier wish to keep the spacebar fixed with the start-pause function. Please keep it like this, it is ergonomically much better to thave the most-used key in its most used function. Iistead of focus sticking to certainn pans, would it not be more ergonomic to allow focus common for all pans? In Shotcut, the possibility to do adjustments parallel in different pans is the great advantage. We are not doing this in diifferent windows (and windows can show when they are active by chainging their frame color). If the focus can’t be common (means: can stick somewhere in pans or elements), then at least the element should be highilghted.

Ok I agree there is a problem. I had to re-read your original report with more nuance instead of haste. The UI API has some default behavior I was referring to. I’ll look into it.

This is fixed for the next version but it is not in the 21.01 BETA release. (It will be in tomorrow’s nightly build, however.)

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