Filter paste - What is the difference

Hi All !

As I mentioned in the picture below, what is the difference between these two pastes?

The Paste in Filters is just for pasting filters that you have copied with the icon to the left.
You can paste from what you just copied in the filter panel, or paste from a txt document such as this: filter1.txt (830 Bytes)

The Paste (V) in Timeline is pasting clips. It copies clips to the timeline, and any filters already applied to those clips.

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Hi @Ertan. The top paste option is for pasting copied filters (the greyed icon to the left of the paste filter) to a clip the bottom paste option is to paste a copied clip into the timeline.



so paste above: it just pastes the filter.

below: pasting the filters along with the clip.

Thank you very much. Ok.

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To be exact, the Paste button in the timeline toolbar is used to paste any clip.



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