Filter fade in video, fade out video not work for multi clips

To apply “fade in video” and “fade out video” filters to multi clips at the track head, does not work in the latest version 23.09.29.

That is not a feature that is implemented and supported. If you add a fade to the track, it applies to the entire track, not to each clip in the track. Also, you cannot add a filter to multiple clips through multiple selection. You need to fade each individually.

Why others filters can be applied to multi clips in the same track?
I think the basic function - fade in video and fade out video should easy to apply to multi clips in the track. Otherwise, If there are many clips in a track, users need to take a long time to add the fade function to individual clip. I suggest this function should be improved. Thank you for your reply.

Track filters apply to the track, not to each clip individually. This allows a track filter to have keyframes that span across clip boundaries, which is extremely useful.

To apply a fade to multiple clips, there is a possibility of generating the clip sequence with the Slideshow Generator.

@brian added this to the next version, but it will be a new filter named currently “Track Auto Fade Video” It is special video filter that can only be added to tracks.

Thanks for adding the “Track Auto Fade Video” function to the next version…

I did test new beta version which added " Track Auto Fade Video" filter function. It works fine.

I have a suggestion that you can use “Fade Video Track (auto)” in stead of “Track Auto Fade Video” filter name. Because users easy to know that this is a function which is different from “Fade In Video” and “Fade Out Video.”, due to computer sorted them in order on the filter list together.

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