Filter effect strength/settings timelined

When I set a filter and apply it to a track on the timeline it is a fixed setting. I cannot “at second 10: Opacity 100%, at second 20: opacity 0%” and Shotcut interpolates from 100% to 0% within the selected ten seconds.
Same goes for “size and position” and so on, I cannot set it to be full view at a given time, and set it to be at 20% size top left ten seconds later, and Shotcut interpolates within those ten seconds (i.e. moves the foreground video to the top left and makes it smaller).
I know those filter capabilities from Magix and Premiere and a few others, even virtualdub to some extend, so I miss them here. Where are these timed filter settings, or do they no exist (yet)?

If I understand you correctly, and to be honest I’m not 100% certain I do, the action you are wanting requires key frames. Shotcut has no keyframe capability yet.

If by keyframe you mean “effect start” + “effect end” markers yes.
In Magix/Premiere only more advanced users use them. For new users they cause confusion if they accidentally activate them the first time, blaming the program “filter not working”, but set a marker on the timeline where the filter stops or the strength is set to zero.
Whether we can get complex curve editor in Shotcut like shown that that screen-shot is something beyond my expectation. But a simple method of timing such effects would be nice.

However, adding keyframable filter parameters is top of the Shotcut Roadmap ‘todo’ list.

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