Filter as animation (fading)

i am pretty new using shotcut, and i am already familiar to apply different filters onto my videos.
now i am faced a problem, and need your help.
is it possible to apply filters as an animation to a video?
for example, rotation. i can rotate a full clip for a fixed amount of degrees, but is it possible to make that as a fluently animation?
or the zoom filter: i can apply the zoom filter, but it is fixed to a special part of the clip. is it possible to zoom to a particular area of the clip as a smooth animation?
i already tried to split the clip into smaller pieces, and apply different zoom grads, but that does not look good and it is an ugly workflow.

Hi, what you are asking is one of the top wishes for Shotcut but unfortunately it doesn’t support it since it depends of keyframes implementation. Check the roadmap for features asked or on the developers to do list for more information:

thanks for that reply.
what do you think, how long will it take to get that feature?
days, weeks, months?
imho this is a key feature for such a tool.

My opinion is that it will take months, many months to have such feature and I also would like to have it in Shotcut. When I need to do something that needs keyframes I use other free tool.