Film restoration tutorial filters not availabel

I am using Shotcut 17.10.02 on Windows 10 64 bit… I have a lot of old film converted to digital just like the tutorial but the filters used, noise, stabillize do not appear in my filter list? How do I get them?

Make sure you have expanded the filter list by clicking the icon at the foot of the list.

Thank you. I had done that but had not noticed the slider on the side!!! It is a little faint. - my excuse!

The Fusion Dark theme has some known contrast issues. -=Ken=-

As a newbie I had not got to other themes so thank you for that. but having tried the Fusion Light I find the dark kinder on the eyes and will just look more carefully in future. Thanks again. Really getting to like the progrsm.

Yes, I like the Fusion Dark as well, despite the contrast issue. I already submitted improving the contrast as a suggestion here.