Files keep saving as mlt

they keep saving as .mlt even though ive changed it to .mp4. then when it changed it saves as a different icon (it looks like a clapperboard and its blue) when before my videos would save and they would have almost a thumbnail look to them, its hard to explain but all i know is that it wont let me upload my videos to youtube it would say “processing abandoned, the video file cant be processed” or something like that. can someone help? as its very annoying.

Files are saved as .mlt, that’s normal. Have you then used the export functionality within Shotcut? Exported files from Shotcut (.mp4) can then be uploaded to YT.

The workflow you describe isn’t clear so it’s not easy to assist.

yeah ive tried exporting it, and sorry im not very good at explaining things

Okay, so when you have exported do you have a resulting job within Shotcut, like so?

If you do, you can then Show in Folder, this will open File Explorer (Windows) and you can then upload that file (.mp4) to YT.



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