File paths accross devices?

Hi all,

I’m using a few devices, synced with syncthing, to work on video projects.

Two are fine, as I can replicate the filesystem on the system disk

On my other system, I did the same, but my projects folders are symlinked to SD storage. That is because my projects are larger than the (soldered in) m2 storage.

I now have to manually search for my files when moving between that device and any other.

Is there anything which can be done about this?

Is the device mounting under a different mount point across systems? If not, it should work in theory.

Yes, that’s the problem.

Files are in ~/projects/projectname/footage/ on all machines

On the machine in question ~/projects/projectname/footage/ is a symlink to

For some reason I thought the paths were parsed in reverse (relatively) so not needing to go above the “projects” directory

This is the article on how Shotcut handles files on a single computer.

Scroll down to “Relative vs. Absolute File Names”.

Thanks I hadn’t seen that. By the looks of it, I need to “force” relative file paths by keeping my .mlt files “free range” in /projects/ that way everything will be a subfolder.

That may be easier, for production but worse for archiving

@thephatmaster I ran into a similar problem years and years ago for a different application.
I found a program called “Visual Subst” that allows you to, visually, map a local folder to a drive letter.
You could setup both machines to use the same base Drive letter and build up from there. The program ran fine and I’ve never had any problems with it.

Check it out at Visual Subst

It was well worth the $20 to leave most of my hair ON my head!!


For archiving by project, would storing the .mlt in “projectname” be sufficient? I’m not tracking why .mlt needs to be stored at the “projects” parent level.

For archiving, yes, the weak link being that I’d likely forget to unite it with it its projectfolder on archive.

As to why - My understanding is that the .mlt file being in the “root” (of my video workflow set of folders) will keep the footage links working as they would be subfolders.

If I put the .mlt file in “projectfolder” the path to anything outside of that folder (e.g. titles, assets, audio that are used multiple times) will break (by being absolute).

As an aside, I really struggle to prevent myself creating nested project folders with Shotcut. I generate a “projectfolder” when I ingest / sift footage, creating the .mlt file later (which inevitably ends up in an identically named subfolder)

If you give Shotcut a “Project name” for a folder that already exists then it will reuse it without creating another sub-folder or complaining. You just need to ensure “Projects folder” is set correctly to the parent of where you keep projects.

Thanks but I’m on Linux

Sorry, my bad.

I remember installing LinuxMint on a VM on my Windows machine. From the moment I started it up, I felt like Alice, having just fallen down the rabbit hole… Maybe one day I’ll try Linux again, but then again…

Good luck and cheers :slight_smile:

I had a similar workflow once. The multi-use assets were only a few megabytes, so I had them stored in a template folder, which I cloned for every new project. That way, the stock assets came with the template and did not need any external linkages. I don’t know if your file sizes make that practical. But if you’re wanting to do a full archive of all media, then it’s going to be the same final size either way.

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