File/Open Recent

“Open recent” in the file menu would be REALLY appreciated for this WONDERFUL software.
Thank you!!

I understand what you are suggesting. That could mean a few things though. Open as in project files, media files, or all files in general.

Have you tried using the “Recent” panel? This covers all files used.
There is also a search function, although my example is a bit dark because of the Fusion Dark theme.

View → Recent

2023-12-20_12-59-34 shotcut_2023-12-20_13-01-16

For just project files you may want to open next, but not close down shotcut, click on File → New.

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Our current implementation is better than a sub-menu.

Thank you for your answers!
I was thinking about projects, but you are right, File/New does the job as it shows the recent projects.
I often juggle with different projects, as I use them as reusable templates.