File > Open in Rich Text Filter crashes

AMD Ryzen 5 32GB Memory
Windows 11 Pro 22H2

ShotCut 23.05.14

I try to create a Credit Roll but ShotCut Crashes when I open the text file into the Rich Text Filter.

Here are the steps I use :

  1. Create 2 video tracks (Vid 1 & Vid 2)
  2. In Vid 1, I place a static image
  3. In Vid 2, I place a Rich Text Filter. I open a text File in this filter.

ShotCut Crashes

  • I tried to uninstall / Reinstall the program but the same problem occurs
  • I also tried to use the portable application, but once again, it crashed at the same place (point 3)…

At first I thought it was caused by my project (wich is very long), so I tried with a new one using only the 2 tracks mentioned above, with no better effect…

Am I doing something wrong ?

It crashes for me as well when I attempt to open a text file within Rich Text.
Shotcut 23.05.14
Windows 10

Workaround: Copy/Paste the text into the filter.

Get the same crash when using File → Open in the Rich Text filter.
(Flatpak 23.05.14 / Fedora Linux 38)

This is fixed for the next version.


Fedora 38, KDE Plasma, Shotcut 23.06.03 portable. Text Rich File > Open is still broken.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t play your video

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