File not opening/corrupted?

I was working on a project for school when shotcut crashed. Well, nothing to worry about. I went back to my save file and loaded it: project is empty/timeline not appearing. Weird. I check my autosave folder, and I find it completely empty. I lost 2 hours of work, is there any known way to get my file back from here? I’m screwed, right? What happened? Has this happened to anyone else?

Some more details: I think I saved while it crashed, or the save was what crashed it, either way, the project appears empty.

Windows 10, Shotcut v20.02.17

The autosaved file gets deleted when you save the project. It looks as if the crash during/after save screwed up the save, so I suspect that unfortunately there is no way you can recover your lost work. See Shotcut’s reply to this thread:

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Thanks for the quick response! Luckily I don’t think I need to recover the file, I already started again on the project, but I guess this is a good lesson for me to back up my files!

Backing up all your files is essential. I do it most evenings using a backup solution called SyncBackFree. See:


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