File New missing

I’ve just started using Shortcut a few days ago.
First a few comments.

My main use is for joining a lot of clips from a digital camera - but we’re talking 200+ clips, short ones though - 30sec to a few minutes at most.
I do a bit of cutting and then export everything to a mp4 file to be viewed on a TV, tablet etc.
I then make another export to a DVD for those friends that are still at that level.

The mp4 (x264) works ok but the DVD creates one big VOB file.
My project is 1.5hr long so it should create a file that will fit on a DVD. But a 6GB VOB will not.
I have not tried Bluray but since you didn’t finish the DVD functionality, I am not too hopeful to see finished Bluray functionality.
I was able to manipulate my 200 clips by adding them all to the playlist and then adding them all at once to the timeline. But that was the extent of clip manipulation. Any other functionality seem missing.

I was not able to work with groups of clips, both in the playlist and on the timeline.

Btw, what’s with the playlist theme - all other video editors call it Bin or Source media or something of that sort.
Are you making a media player or video editor?
Lay off iTunes for a bit and look how others have done the source media management.

I didn’t find any function that would allow me to do In and Out points in a clip and cut or crop the content in between. I used the Split at Playhead feature instead which provided crude cutting of clips.

Now to the actual bug.
I opened a project to see how many which was last clip number I used in it.
I then closed it and was going to start a new project to continue with subsequent clip number.
To my surprise Shortcut just sat there with black screen and no menu or anything.

So basically after using File Close, that’s it, crash!
I consider this a bug, as basic file functionality is a must in any software.
Please guys, Shortcut looks promising and could be a very nice video editor.
But please finish basic features before you get carried away with adding more stuff.
Like building a house - before fancy nice roof, get the foundation first, at least.