File Missing when exporting

It says file missing when I export and when I reopen it says the file name is blank that is missing

I checked old forums, no transitions that I saw this is the program file:
Ipad unbox.mlt (72.6 KB)
Please help!

When you open the project, look through the timeline and find something that shows black video or possibly the word “INVALID”. Remove those bad clips. From the project file, it looks like it might be the second-to-last clip on the first track.

From your project file:

Shotcut version 21.01.29

The problem you described has been improved upon in newer versions. Your version is a few old. Your project has a bad transition in it on V1 at the time 00:03:50:13. It is the only transition on this track. So, you can click OK on the missing files dialog, and simply remove that bad transition.

Thank you it worked i didn’t see it, how do I update shortcut or will it automatically do it

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