File Format Conversion and compression

Transforming images from one format to another is fundamental. Different formats offer distinct advantages in terms of quality, compression, and transparency. I got a tif file image which is size in 8MB, the picture taken from the satellite, and I want to keep that image in smaller size, and I also want to use that on my project. For this I will have to compress and convert file format for compression I’m using the application such as it is good in image compression and also, I’m searching file converter application which will convert fast and save my time. Do you have any suggestion or recommendation it will appreciate. Sorry for asking this question but I already searched here but I didn’t get answer that’s why I asked I need help regarding this, so please give some suggestion.
Thank you.

The PNG format suffers much less loss of detail than jpg and can give the advantage of having a transparent background. The compression is obviously lower.

I think you should check the image it is size in 8MB and please review this question again.
Thank you.

The image from NASA is an 8MB PNG file, not TIFF. It is immediately useable in Shotcut as-is. Why convert it at all? The file size is reasonable and the resolution allows for some lossless zooming. I don’t understand the need to convert, nor the request for alternative image tools when you already listed one that you like. The traditional tools like Photoshop, GIMP, ImageMagick, and FFmpeg would work well, but are you saying that you have a preference for online conversion tools? Is this a one-time conversion job or are you batch-converting thousands of images?

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