File Does Not Support Seeking

I’ve been recording with OBS and editing with ShotCut for a few weeks now but have now had that pop up a couple of times.

As I’m a rookie and constantly fiddling with things, can anyone take a shot in the dark at what may have started triggering this? I’d rather not have to convert every time.

Could it be that I’m working with .mp4 instead of .flv now?

Apparently you changed something in OBS. Yes, most likely that change is the cause of another change.

In OBS, go to settings/output/advanced/recording and record using each RECORDING FORMAT once, then try importing each of the files into shotcut (restart shotcut between tests) and see which format causes the warning and which does not.

I recommend mov.

Thanks for the reply. I tested it and none of them reproduced the error.

I suspect that for whatever reason your recording got interrupted and perhaps it has something to do with the following:

In any case, if it happens again and it is a problem, then re-encoding the file before editing will likely solve it. I recommend handbrake:

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Yeah, must be it. Thanks for your time and help!

I know it’s likely been an OBS problem and this is the wrong place to ask but I wanted to eliminate possible issues with both apps :slight_smile:

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