File dialogs not showing up in Flatpack 18.05.04 install

After discovering the new release I found both the Snap and Flatpack versions of Shotcut available in the Discover Software Center in KDE Neon. I prefer the Flatpack over Snap so I installed that. Shotcut reports version 18.05.04. I found right away that Open/Open File does not work for me. I was able to open the Dolphin file manager and drag & drop an existing project and add a file into the Playlist.

Also, while loading Shotcut it invites you to check for a newer version and reports 18.05.03 is available!


This morning I got an update for my Flatpack version of Shotcut. It now reports version 18.05.05. It still doesn’t produce a dialog box for Open File or Open MLT XML as Clip…
It still offers an upgrade to version 18.05.03


This feature is designed for the official builds. Flatpak build is its own beast.

Yeah, I don’t know why, and I do not know how to debug it or where to begin to look. Containerized snap and flatpak apps introduce problems. Desktop Linux… sigh. You know, I just don’t feel like dealing with their particular issues when I could be working on core shotcut code instead. I am very close to removing them from the downloads page and declaring them unofficial.

Hey Dan, thanks for the response. Many of us have been looking forward to the keyframes - and this problem is not a show stopper, just feedback. These alternate containers show great promise but they still have some problems. I don’t blame you if your drop them for now. Everyone has priorities and I think keyframes will keep us happy for quite some time. Thanks for your work!

Best to you,


What version of flatpak are running?

$ flatpak --version

This bug has been fix in version 0.11.4!

Hi Pete. Here is what I get in KDE Neon 5.12…

flatpack: command not found

The Flatpack version of Shotcut was offered in the Discovery Software Center - so I installed that. After the dialog with Dan I decided to install the portable version, like I had previously. Shotcut version now reports 18.05.08 and the file dialogs work as they should.


Read again! The command is spelled “flatpak” (without the “c”)!

I guess your version is outdated. I think the official Ubuntu flatpak PPA should work for you:

Dang! Why do computer geeks do that? I never noticed the lack of a “c.” Thanks for the update info. -=Ken=-