File cant convert to mp4

So I made and edited a video using shotcut and I wanted to export it into an mp4 so I pressed export and export file. But when its in the “job” tab it just either stays at 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% or 5% but that’s all it does. I restarted my shotcut many times and left it overnight because I thought It would take a while to convert but when I checked it the next morning it says it “failed” and I tried my best to try and fix it but nothing. I really want to to export, help?

I had the same thing happen to me recently. I exported a two hour video with ‘Dual pass’ just before bedtime, expecting a long session. In the morning I found ‘failed’ as well. There may be other reasons for export failure but mine was likely because I ran out of disk space.


Yeah, mines only 2 minutes so I wouldn’t think it would be disk space :confused:

Try to

  • make a copy of the MTL
  • launch program as admin (you can also try to reinstall last shotcut’s version on your system)
  • erase the 15 first seconds
  • try to export as it is
  • if OK, re - create the start

Check the framerate.
I’ve had fails when I have miss-set the framerate,

Deselect “Parallel processing” option works for me :slight_smile:

it check the log and it says
[flv @ 0bca73c0] seek_frame_generic failed as this stream seems to contain no keyframes after the target timestamp, 1002 non keyframes found

is that the problem? if It is then I don’t know how to fix that :sweat:

Have you tried any of the above suggestions??

yes expect yours I don’t understand? I’m not a professional editor but if I know what you mean when you export it says frames/sec its at 25? is that good but if that’s not what you mean then I don’t know

Are you exporting at the same frame rate as the original source?

yes, I think so? I’m not sure

Check the Properties of the file.

I pressed properties from the mini tabs on the top left and it shows different framerates from different clips I added in
what do I need to check?

Try to export as the same framerate that the one at the start of your project (or 30 if it’s 60 at start for ex), as it seems to have problem at the start.

What are the framerates?

wow! thank you so much ^^ it works!!! thank you for your help (’:

As mentioned in my first post… Miss-set frame rates can cause failures :wink:

Hi all and good show shimmers, here’s something else that might help in the future, a program named Handbrake is a good compression software so with an mp4 file before you put it through any changes like YouTube or else, you run it through Handbrake and you can reduce the file size by up to more than 60%, a file size of for example 5 gb would end up to 1.5 gb or so without losing any quality.

Good Luck


Personally and as a long time user of Handbrake, I haven’t found it any better than Shotcut when encoding to MP4 for YouTube.
Not to say Handbrake isn’t useful, it certainly is, especially for transcoding - I just never need it after editing and encoding with Shotcut.

Perhaps you mean any visible loss of quality :slight_smile:

I usually put it through Handbrake after Exporting in Shotcut and get a reduction like I mentioned in my first post then YouTube where I get a considerable saving of time so what gives?

I guess it really depends which encode settings you are using when exporting from Shotcut first, then of course which settings you choose in Handbrake.