Ffmpeg portable

Shotcut in portable version uses which version of ffmpeg? that of the portable version or that of the shotcut version installed on the PC. Using an old version of portable shotcut, I get my custom exports… and I think the installed version of ffmpeg is also used.
Can anyone confirm?

Shotcut en version portable utilise quelle version de ffmpeg ? celle de la version portable ou celle de la version de shotcut installé sur le PC. En utilisant une ancienne version de shotcut portable, je recupère mes exports personnalisés… et je pense que la version de ffmpeg installée est aussi utilisée.
Quelqu’un peut confirmer ?

If you extract the “Windows Portable Zip” from the download page, and run Shotcut from the extracted folder, then that instance of Shotcut will use the FFMpeg version that is also in that folder.

The installed version of FFmpeg is never used in any of the builds provided on our download page for all OS. And on Windows the concept of an installed version of FFmpeg does not even really exist.

Which means that Shotcut embeds FFmpeg.
No conflict possible under Windows with a version defined in the path?

Have you modified the ffmpeg settings for exports? The weight of the exported files no longer resembles those exported with the 2022 versions. A break since qt6?

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