Feature request: select track

It would be nice to select an entire track
because i’ve always problem to rearranging clips after I removed specific portion of each of those.
For instance look at the track V2, cannot select that small one:
EDIT: I was able to click the first block of the track and then I tried to SHIFT click onto the last small block to select all the block of tracks but that was not possible.

So a “select al clip on a track” it would be usefull for me.

That makes sense, but according to your explanation, it doesn’t make sense.

Selecting a whole track might be helping, but only when you want to mass delete and add new clips on the same track or etc… possible reasons.

But selection of a whole track for selecting a small clip, that would be nonsense, you can simply zoom in with the tool on GUI or = (zoom in), - (zoom out) and 0 (fit to view). And then select the small clip.

Sorry @Ar_D , probably I didn’t explained me well :slight_smile:

I need to move V2 after V1, then V3, V4, up to V12; concatenating all the pieces.

My wifes records like 12 files for each tutorial,
then she provide me a list like this:

  • file001 cut from 35" to 1’36
  • file002 cut from 1’35" to 2’36
    etc. ,etc.

So first I’ve add to add all the files to the tracks,
then i mute all and turn off video.

Then starting from the latest file/track I apply all the changes in reverse order.

Finally when I’ve all the pieces then I need to move them on the first track
and starting add transitions and global filters.

OUCH! :slight_smile:

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@Antonio_Gallo since version 22.03 BETA, it is possible to reorder tracks in the timeline.

You can download/install v22.03 RELEASE CANDIDATE here

That works, but I guess you did something wrong or have a very old version.

Thanks, but I don’t need to reorder them :slight_smile: Just concatenate all the pieces.

I am able to use shift+click to select all the other clips into the other tracks.

It does not works because the clip is too small and the option to “move the clip” appears when I mouse hover it and clicking it does nothing.

I have to constantly to do zoom in and out to do this stuff. Zoom in to select all the clips on the tracks. And then Zoom out to move them in the right position (end of 1st track).

Just select (left-click) any clip on the track then press Ctrl+a which will then select all the clips.

@Elusien this will select all the clip from all the tracks not from a single track

To select the small subclip I usually click on a large one near it and then use CTRL+arrow keys to select the clip to the left/right without having to zoom in.

It does not work with ctrl+shift to add to selection but you can then Shift + click on another far away clip to select all in between (inclusive) so you can probably select the entire track as long as either the first or last clip is large enough.


Indeed it doesn’t.

Separate shortcuts for Select all clips in track (Ctrl+A) and Select all clips in all tracks (Ctrl+Shift+A) would be nice.

If I am correct, you just want to to add the clips from other tracks to the first track, all of them after the other, or just similar in just another manner of tracks.

If I was to say the easiest way, you could use ripple to mass move the clips further on the same track.

I don’t know if it helps, it’s just a guess :sweat_smile:.

Yes, for that particular case i did the same with CTRL + right arrow.

Ctrl+Shift+A is already taken to select all clips in the playlist.

For the next release I have added a shortcut to select all clips on the “current” track: Ctrl+Alt+A


My savior!!! :slight_smile:

Downloaded 22.06 it works!

Rendering seems very slow on 22.04 and 22.06 compared to my old linux mint packages, but this is another issue.