Feature Request: Select all, select left/right of playhead


Love using Shotcut but my videos tend to have lots of clips. It would be great if you could select all or select all of the clips to the left or right of the playhead to be able to move them. Right now ripple kind of works to move them down if they are all in the right order but it is really time consuming to move a bunch of clips to a different section of the tracks if you decide you want to change the order.

Could we get a select all/select multiple clips feature?


This is also important if you need to insert a video clip and need to move separate audio clips.


Idea: for example enable to select anything (more than just one clip and on more tracks, not just the selected one) with Ctrl+MouseClickAndDrag.
Or Alt+MouseClickAndDrag…
Or Shift+MouseClickAndDrag…

Maybe with such combinations like…
Ctrl+MouseClickAndDrag to select anything on any track (even multiple).
Ctrl+Shift+MouseClickAndDrag to select anything just on one track…