Feature request: individual track height

Besides changing the track height for all tracks, as is now, please offer also changing of track height for an individual track.


I’m strongly supporting this request. In my template I have the two topmost tracks occupied by a title and a mask to control cross-fade between title and video. So I only need to edit them once. Only below start the actual video and audio tracks. Ideally I’d like to collapse the two top tracks to a minimum to make more room for the important ones during edit.

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A workaround is to use Shift-MouseWheel to set the track height and Alt-MouseWheel to scroll the the top tracks out of view. ( On a laptop, mouswwheel is two-finger drag)

Thanks, I am aware of this workaround. It just would be more convenient being able to resize tracks individually, esp. if you focus on one track after another and the “out of focus” tracks don’t happen to be at the top.

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I would also like to use individual sizes:
If I want to cut a few seconds out of video clips for badminton tutorials, but I might want to use them later, I move them into a track that is without sound + picture. This track could then be kept very small.

It would be very helpful if you could set the track heights individually. Sometimes you just need the audio displayed very large so you can see exactly when the sound is happening. Also, the current maximum size is often not enough.
It would be ideal if you could set the height for each track individually, even video and audio separately. That would be super.

Every track in the timeline has a richt-mouse-klick where you can edit the track height. That would be perfect for the individual tracks to change there height. I like to keep the edit screen as big as possible. Then it is perfect when you can make the track heigher you use the most, and make the other tracks smaller. So yes it would be perfect to have this option.