Feature request: Export File keyboard shortcut (suggest Ctrl+Shift+E)

I’d like to request a keyboard shortcut for exporting (‘Export File’) and I’d suggest Ctrl + Shift + E for Windows since it’s the shortcut used already in other programs such as GIMP, Inkscape and Audacity.


I noticed this wasn’t included in the update but there’s this program called AutoHotKey which lets you sort of add functions that programs don’t normally have. If anyone wants to make Ctrl + Shift + E a valid keyboard shortcut for Shotcut exports then the following bit of code will do that with AutoHotKey:

The numbers 282, 495 are the x, y, coordinates of the middle of the export button. If your monitor is a different resolution or you’ve got a different layout, you may need to modify that. Simply take a screenshot of Shotcut and paste in MS Paint, then move the mouse cursor to the middle of the button (anywhere in the button will work) and read the coordinates from the bottom left corner of MS Paint.

CoordMode, Mouse, Window

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe shotcut.exe
	Click 282, 495