Feature Request: Export as DVD more intense interface

Hi, I’m a long time user of Shotcut. All beit mainly for cut&shut or to fix up video streams. Now I have a need to make DVDs, straight playing 16:9 with chapters but no menu. The DVDs are for the elderly that can put DVD in but have issues with anything else, so they have to start playing whatever the footage right there and then. I know Shotcut has DVD export for VOB but that seems to be it.

It would be fantastic to see some expanded basic functionality that would auto-create chapters at user set interval and make the ISO ready to burn.

I suppose if it had some basic menu functionality that would be out of this world but even with something as basic as chapter-ed video made into already DVD structure in ISO would allow for staying within one software title rather than switching to another.

I know there are few free titles that make the dvd’s which I use like DVD styler, avstodvd among other.