Feature Request: configurable video mode menu

I only use a 3 different video modes, and they are buried in a sub-menu.
I would like to be able to suppress the display of video modes I will never use.

Maybe a config file with an on/off flag for each built-in video mode?
or maybe do it like the custom video modes:
each custom video mode creates a file in the profiles folder.
How hard would it be to turn each custom mode into a similar file and put it in that same folder?
Or better yet, put all the build-in modes in the root of that folder, then scan for subfolders, which are each turned into a sub-menu. Then the whole process is highly customizable and very easy to backup/restore.

____________\my custom video mode 1
____________\my custom video mode 2
____________\640x480 4:3 NTSC
____________\768x576 4:3 NTSC
________\HD 720 50 fps
________\HD 720 59.94 fps
________\HD 720 60 fps
________\HD 1080i 25 fps

But I could also add my own subfolder like this and it would show up as a new sub-menu the next time I start Shotcut:

________\my project name
____________\project-specific video mode 1
____________\project-specific video mode 1