Feature request: Auto White balance


I like diving and filming and do with my camera a white balancing underwater. Although the results are great, the result is never 100% perfect, so i use VirtualDub with an Auto Levels plugin to correct the slightly off whitebalance. Virtualdub is not maintained anymore, so i am looking for a replacement. I know there is a white balance filter in Shotcut, but this one does it automatically and on average the effects are very good!
It would be great if it could be incorporate it in Shotcut. Luckely the souce of the plugin is still available at: http://eodvdf.narod.ru/Index.html

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Auto-levels is not the same white balance. We already have levels and white balance filters. I am only looking toward adding the automatic part to the existing filters. If the source code of this plugin helps with that part, then great.

It is really a auto whitebalance filter. This filter has 3 options:

Auto - RGB based (that is the one i normally use)
Auto - Luma based
Custom - Static
You can enter a intensity level, normally 1 is enough.

Have you tried using a LUT? See this post on the Luma Touch Support Forum from a guy who has produced a couple, one for blue water and one for green - there’s a link to the LUTs there. The link also shows a split-video of before and after.


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It looks okay, but in that case i need an ipad too :slight_smile:
I would rather have it as an option in Shotcut.

You don’t need an iPad. Just download the LUTs then use them in the LUT (3D) filter in Shotcut.