Feature Request: Arbitrary framerate for "Stills" Export

I’m finding that I’m taking advantage of the “stills” export function more and more to experiment with turning captured video into point-clouds using OpenDroneMap.

To that end, the current bottom-end of the framerate for Stills export is 8FPS, which seems very slow for most video, but can actually be needlessly high for captured video for photogrammetry, especially when on foot.

Most situations would be well served by 3FPS at most, so I’d like the ability to set (even if just for “stills” mode, an arbitrary framerate, including down to 1FPS.


To get around the minimum 8 FPS frame rate for export, create a custom video mode, then modify the frame rate.

Set the resolution, aspect ratio, scan mode, and color space to whatever you want. Leave the frame/sec at default.


Go to the App data directory C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Meltytech\Shotcut\profiles. Open the custom video profile in a text editor and edit the frame_rate_num to equal 1000.


When you use this video mode, you will be able to set the frame rate to whatever you want in the export panel.

Sample video mode.

1920X1080 Video to Still.txt (185 Bytes)


Thanks for the work-around!

Further underscores the need for a way to do that within ShotCut :rofl:

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