Feature request: allow setting default codec or remember last used codec

It would be nice to be able to set a codec to be used for export every time Shotcut is opened and/or for it to remember the codec that was used last time Shotcut was closed.

Hi, I think what you are asking is already available in Shotcut menu:

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What does that do? I see that it’s remembered after closing Shotcut but it doesn’t set the export codec so I’m guessing it’s not what I wanted. Thanks anyway.

@sismeiro I think this is what he meant… And no, saving the default codec/remembering the last used one is not included in Shotcut right now.

Changing the video mode in settings only affects playback I think, not exporting.

Hi @lauren, I don’t recall in wich video tutorial it was but what I learned was that this is the way to configure the default video export settings. For instance, if I choose one of the 720p video setting for the default, when I import a 1080p video and export it it will be saved as 720p as expected.

Oh, yes sorry you are correct. It does change the export settings, but not the codec settings. That’s what I meant… :sweat_smile:

It would be good if this also remembered the settings of the codec (e.g. Hyper Interpolation setting) since most of my exports are bilinear only because I always forget to change it.