Feature Request - add keyframes to "crop:source" filter

I very often use the “crop:source” filter with the “center” checkbox active. I’d like to be able to animate the “center bias” parameter. I understand that I could achieve a similar result using the “Size, Position & Rotate” filter, but this filter has a stronger effect on rendering speed, with the “center bias” filter my computer is faster when it comes to cropping. And for simple cropping, the “crop:source” filter is more convenient.

Crop Source is strictly hard line- or column-oriented since it removes from edges. That means it would produce an ugly non-smooth result when animated. Size Position & Rotate does interpolation also known as sub-pixel rendering to provide a smoothly animated result. Thus, there will not be Keyframes added to Crop Source because it is the wrong tool for the job.

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It isn’t the right tool what?

Size =/= crop. If I want only one side of an image to show on one side of the player and another image to show on the opposite side, you need to CROP not RESIZE.

I don’t want a blown up or downsized image. I just want to cut the current images in half so they sit properly in the player side by side. How is that done with a resize tool that only RESIZES things, not crop them XD

You can do that with Crop: Source, but this thread about Keyframes. Use Crop: Rectangle if you need to use Keyframes with Crop.