False Android Version

Please beware that someone - NOT US - has made a supposed video editor for Android that violates our trademark by using “Shotcut” in its name and using our logo.

Trademark you ask? Yes, trademarks in the U.S.A. do not necessarily need to be registered. The name and logo are unique in its industry and market area, and this trademark has been declared on the bottom of every web page that is not the forum since it was first published in 2012.


There’s also this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cutvideoeditor.videoeditoroneclick

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The same developer is spoofing OpenShot in the Play Store too:

All the non-bot reviews complain about too many ads in all the spoofs listed so far.

I guess you could feel flattered that they did all that work to create a separate app, but the easiest part to create (the name) is something they chose to steal from you to get its audience. You’re popular!

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The person who submitted this is really fool, he literally just took a screenshot of filme (desktop video editor) and kinemaster (mobile video editor).

This might be just for stealing data.

I installed it on bluestacks, and it asks me to subscribe there channel.

Maybe the that person needs subscribers, but taking a spam way is really not good…

This one is also from the same developer that @GordC linked, but this app is just published with a different account.

@shotcut If you haven’t already, here’s where to submit a trademark violation notice to Google: Removing Content From Google - Legal Help

I find something funny about shotcut in Twitter.

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Yes, there are many so-called cracks out there that are likely just luring people to a web page that collects ad views or has malware. There is nothing I can do about the world wide web. However, app stores are another matter, and I did submit a copyright complaint to Google. Thanks

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I think that person needs subscribers.

I know.

I already mentioned that. Why are saying it again?

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