Failure to export on macOS

I can’t export my video, it doesn’t even begin to export before an error shows up. Here’s what the log says:

objc[1656]: Class SDLTranslatorResponder is implemented in both /private/var/folders/wx/44bpjrl1655gkzdnk2_r3m_h0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/56BF9138-E217-46B4-9A32-45A583A52FE7/d/ (0x111daef98) and /private/var/folders/wx/44bpjrl1655gkzdnk2_r3m_h0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/56BF9138-E217-46B4-9A32-45A583A52FE7/d/ (0x1137972d8). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
Failed with exit code 10

Didn’t manage to find a solution online, using MacOS.


what weird folders.

From a development perspective, might be relevant.

Did you download shotcut from or compile it yourself or using brew or similar?

I tested 18.05.08 on macOS 10.12.4 with a simple one-image 5second project and it rendered fine. Can you render a super-simple project?

Perhaps clearing the config files might help.

Same problem here using Linux Mint Cinnamon. Everything works fine until I try to export. First screen works (settings), but when I click export to get to second screen where I name the file and tell it where to go, Shotcut closes with no error messages…Just closes.

I have no idea why your export fails, that log seems unhelpful. Is that the complete log?

One of the reasons my exports failed was that for audio I should have used aac codec (when for video I use mpeg4), if I used some other audio codecs export failed.

Yes it is the complete log. I have had the exact same problem when trying to export a video. I can’t seem to get anything to make it work.
This is the log when I remove the libSDL-1.2.0.dylib one (I can’t remember the specific name), and immediately put it back in after I start the export.
AAAAAAA.txt (379 Bytes)
This is the log when I do that with the libSDL-2.0.0.dylib one.
aaahREEEEE.txt (401.7 KB)

It is OK to remove libSDL-1.2.0.dylib but NOT libSDL-2.0.0.dylib. 1.2.0 is being removed from the next version to prevent the confusion. However, I highly doubt this is the source of your problem.
A lot people when reporting a problem provide too little information. For example, we have no idea whether the problem is specific to this project or a general problem. Please tell us if the following works:

  1. start Shotcut
  2. choose File > Open Other > Count > OK
  3. Export > Export File
  4. enter “test.mp4” and click OK

Use the terminal application and try running shotcut in it. Then it should provide the output log there.

If you are using Linux, then it is not the same problem.
Your problem sounds like a flatpak problem.