Failing to upload to YouTube

Hi all

This may not necessarily be a Shotcut issue but as I am a newbie, I’ll ask anyway.

I have streamed an xbox game through Twitch and loaded the video into Shotcut, I then cut out the bits I want into a playlist and ended up with a video about 30 minutes long.

I exported this using the YouTube stock and have tried to upload to YouTube (which said takes 2 hours) so after leaving it uploading twice, I come back to a ‘This video has failed to process message’.

Can anyone help as I really do not know what to do.

Edit - I have noticed that the file is saved as file type ‘file’ , not sure if that could be it? Was expecting it to say MP4 etc.



You need to verify on YouTube to post longer videos than 15 minutes. Search YouTube help files.

Oh wow that simple, thank you so much.