Failed to open video.mp4 error on any video


I was adding video to create something as usual, and today on any video I try to add to the playlist I have this error:

[Info ] MainWindow::showStatusMessage “Failed to open /home/asbesto/Desktop/YT/varie/camvideo_6cf50d73.mp4”

Videos are readable, (chmod 644 on GNU/Linux here) and I can’t get any particular error about why the program can’t load them.

Any help about how to debug this?

I added a console logfile in which I start shotcut, try to load a video, and quit the program. Logfile is here:

Shotcut version is 21.01.31

Thank you


I’m replying to myself:

Installing the latest version (AppImage and .txz) solved the problem…

Still I don’t know what happened :slight_smile:

From your log:

[Info ] Application::Application install dir = “/usr/bin”

That means you installed from a distro package, which probably had broken dependencies on FFmpeg libraries. Maybe not initially or in a fresh/clean OS setup, but possibly broken along the way of upgrades and installing unofficial packages or manual builds. Anyways, glad to hear you got going again using one of our builds that bundles many dependencies.

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