"Failed to open (project name).mlt"

I’ve been working on a video edit using multiple clips, and I am almost finished. The .mlt file would open normally, but after leaving it for a few hours, the program just says the project fails to open.

I’ve been told to edit it using Notepad++ but I’m completely clueless on how. Can anyone please help me??

Think about the versions you may have used and read this about the latest version 18.08.14:

If you do not understand, attach your .mlt file here and I will take a look.

I haven’t downloaded the recent update, saying that it might corrupt the file. I have also looked at the .mlt file using Notepad++ and haven’t found anything out of place.
I’ve also done some research, and found that moving the file or changing it stops it from working (neither which I have done).
I will upload the file. Thanks again for the help, I appreciate it.

robots.mlt (149.0 KB)

You need to get the latest version of Shotcut. There was a bug that was fixed with the 18.08.14 release. You can read about it here .

There was some bad data on line 1854 of your mlt. Try the fixed file to see if it works.

robots fixed.mlt (149.0 KB)

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The file now works! I will finish the project and then download the newest update. Thanks a million guys!!

When you’re finished with the project upload the video, if you don’t mind. I’d like to see it. From the contents of the mlt it seems interesting. :grin:

Sure! It’s a music video advertising a friend’s band, using a load of clips from futuristic/robot films. I only started with shotcut recently, so it’s not that good.

robots fixed.mlt (153.6 KB)