'failed to open'.mlt file


Was really enjoying the software but a couple of days ago when re-starting my laptop found out that my .mlt file as failing to open. Despite deleting and re-installing the latest version (19.01.27) the issue has not changed and I have lost hours worth of editing. I read through a thread on the website where people seemed to have a similar kind of problem and someone suggested opening the file in notepad which I was unable to do. I’d really appreciate any support anyone could give.


Post your mlt. Someone might be able yo fix it.


yeah someone help i’m having the same problem. i cant save videos and exit out of shotcut without them failing to open… so i have to do it all at once which is really annoying when i have to go somewhere or if i have to go to bed. It’s really hard to make vids for youtube with this bug. PLEASE HELP.


Attach the .mlt file or no one can help you.