'failed to open'.mlt file


Was really enjoying the software but a couple of days ago when re-starting my laptop found out that my .mlt file as failing to open. Despite deleting and re-installing the latest version (19.01.27) the issue has not changed and I have lost hours worth of editing. I read through a thread on the website where people seemed to have a similar kind of problem and someone suggested opening the file in notepad which I was unable to do. I’d really appreciate any support anyone could give.


Post your mlt. Someone might be able yo fix it.


yeah someone help i’m having the same problem. i cant save videos and exit out of shotcut without them failing to open… so i have to do it all at once which is really annoying when i have to go somewhere or if i have to go to bed. It’s really hard to make vids for youtube with this bug. PLEASE HELP.


Attach the .mlt file or no one can help you.


Hey… i have the same issue and would be very happy if anyone can have a look at my mlt file… thx in advanceedit27.mlt (117.8 KB)


Unfortunately your project cannot be fixed.
This does not happen often but sometimes the project becomes corrupted.
See this thread. Failed to Open in Shotcut


thanks for the fast answer although its bad news…


There was a change in v19.02.28 to try to prevent this problem, but we do not know if it is foolproof because we have not found a reliable way to trigger the problem. It would be nice to know what version you were using @Noah_Hurwitz. There is still one thing to do, which is a post-save validation before replacing the old file. That did not make it into the latest version, but it will be in the next.


try to restore the previous version of the mlt file