"Failed to Open" MLT File

I’ve been editing a video for a few weeks now. I was editing it earlier, closed Shotcut, just tried reopening it, and now it’s not opening. It opens a blank project (“Untitled”) and gives me a “Failed to open [File Path].” I haven’t changed the path and all of my work is missing. How can this be fixed?

What version of Shotcut are you using?

It is possible the project file is corrupt. You can upload it here for someone to take a look at it. You might have an auto-saved copy of the project file that is still good. In Shotcut, go to menu Settings > App Data Directory > Show…, then open the autosave folder and look at some of the .mlt files in there. Their file names will be nothing like the original, but it might contain something useful.

How do I check that?

The autosave folder is empty, unfortunately. How would I upload the file here?

Click Reply, drag-n-drop it into the reply text box, and click Reply to post it.

Unfortunately, that file is full of null data (0 bytes), and there is nothing that can be done. I have never seen that before, and I have no idea how it could happen. All of your work is lost unless you have a backup that was made using some backup software.

Damn…Thanks anyway.

Hit “Help” on the menu then go to “About Shocut”. It’ll tell you the version right there. See what version it is and post it here.


That’s funny. The 18.08.11 version introduced a major bug that corrupted project files. It happened to me. There was an immediate new version introduced right away which was 18.08.14. You can read about it here.

You should download the latest version which is 18.10.08 here and start using that one just in case.

Might be a good time to develop new methods of saving project files of any kind, with each time you start that day, Save As to a different file name. I started doing with graphic editing software many years ago and has saved me a lot of time and aggravation.




And since hard drives fail, I actually perform regular backups of important and current files I’m working on to an external hard drive. Once you start backing up your files, it takes so little time, compared to having to recreate a whole project. If you spend 8 hours into a project, and take an additional 2 minutes backing up your data, you just protected yourself from the unknown.

And when I mean backup, I’m actually doing a direct copy from one drive sub-folder to another drive sub-folder. I don’t use any backup software and do not use the Windows backup software.

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Good ideas, thank you.

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